Acne … something everyone has but no one wants.

So it’s the start of a new school year, and for me the start of a brand new program! I’ve finally gotten started with my Master’s in Human Health and Nutrition and I’m already feeling overwhelmed…and my face definitely shows it! I went from clear, tanned skin  in the summer to  a now less-tanned face that is beginning to show the signs of stress.   What causes acne breakouts anyway? An article from the Huffington Post states that chocolate and oily food can’t necessarily be blamed for acne breakouts like everyone seems to believe.  The main cause of acne formation is hormonal changes in our body.   Breakouts are usually caused by changes in lifestyle patters such as periods of high stress – so try keep calm!  Other experts even say that acne is also caused by changes in our diets (of course, isn’t everything?), in addition to changes in sleeping patterns and skipping a face wash.

More specifically, foods that cause your blood sugar to spike are big acne-causers.   This is because it forces your body to produce more insulin and ultimately that causes an increase in cortisol levels – cortisol is a stress hormone produced by our bodies.   Remember to try make healthy food choices instead of resorting to something sugary.

Here is a list of the top ten foods that fight acne according to Huffinton Post:

(1) Fatty Fishes (salmon, mackerel and sardines etc.)  (2)  Nuts  (3)  Avocado  (4) Red Grapes  (5)  Fennel  (6) Artichoke  (7)  Brown Rice  (8) Garlic  (9)  Broccoli  (10)  Alfalfa Sprouts




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