Liquid Life

Liquid Life

Water. A truly vital source for the human body and for life on earth. Most of us take water for granted or don’t fully understand just how critical it is. Sure, we all know that we need water to survive. It’s instinct that when we’re thirsty, we know to drink.

I had a client come into work the other day and he was looking for a supplement that would help him. He said he was often dizzy, always tired, had no energy and he didn’t feel like eating lately. I asked him to explain his diet to me. His diet seemed normal. Then I asked how much water he drank in a day. His answer- ONE cup! Clearly he was not getting enough water. And also, he said he drinks coffee every day too. Coffee is a diuretic, meaning it makes you need to urinate which also means that you’re eliminating water from your body. For every cup of coffee you drink, you need to balance it with 2 cups of water. So I told this man to go home and to immediately start increasing the amount of water he drinks each day and to aim for a minimum of 8-10 glasses per day. I said that if after increasing his water intake and it still didn’t help his problems then he should come back to the store for another visit. I haven’t seen him since.

Water represents the most important nutrient for our body. Here’s a little breakdown of where exactly water is used:
Blood: 83% water
Heart: 79.2% water
Muscle: 75.6% water
Brain: 74.8%
Skin: 72%
Bone: 22%

In our bodies, water is used as a:
TRANSPORTER ( our bloodstream) to carry nutrients, oxygen, and waste throughout our body; a PROTECTOR to keep our joints lubricated and to keep dirt and grime and other yucky things away and out of our body; a CHEMICAL REACTANT that is used to help us digest our food, use energy, and many other processes our body needs to function; a pH REGULATOR to make sure our bodies maintain a specific pH of 7.4 (neutral).

I feel like this post on H2O doesn’t need to be long and exaggerated. I think we all understand how crucial water is and that we need to drink plenty of it every day. Try to increase your amount of clear water intake and see how much better you feel! So go and grab yourself a nice tall, cool and refreshing glass of water, your body will thank you for it!





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